Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Logo Draft

HEEEYYYYY Cynder here ;)
So, Aram did her introductory post, I guess I will also do one. But since Aram did one for me there is not much to say here I guess..
As miss A mentioned, we started this blog with every intention of gathering all you fans of the flats into one community, make reviews on flat styles, fashion, brands, may be make on my own :-P (don't blame my entrepreneurial mindset), and of course go on outings and shop :dance:
Now I shall dedicate this post to out Logo, actually, it's rough digital draft because none of us can do digital art XD. So I present to you the draft of LovelyFlats' logo *insert cheers here*

So to end this post, doesn't Cynder remind you of this picture below? :-D

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