Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Logo Draft

HEEEYYYYY Cynder here ;)
So, Aram did her introductory post, I guess I will also do one. But since Aram did one for me there is not much to say here I guess..
As miss A mentioned, we started this blog with every intention of gathering all you fans of the flats into one community, make reviews on flat styles, fashion, brands, may be make on my own :-P (don't blame my entrepreneurial mindset), and of course go on outings and shop :dance:
Now I shall dedicate this post to out Logo, actually, it's rough digital draft because none of us can do digital art XD. So I present to you the draft of LovelyFlats' logo *insert cheers here*

So to end this post, doesn't Cynder remind you of this picture below? :-D

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Allow me to introduce...

Hi there!

Actually I really want to go right on to writing about flats and just get my feet wet, but I would like to dedicate this second post to introduce myself and my bestie, Cynder, who is the co-author of this blog. Just because.

Okay, here we go, people *taking deep breath*.

The name's Aram, 18 years old, from Indonesia. I'm currently studying a really manly subject at a university in UK. Nonetheless, I am more or less girly (I think). I like chocolate, window shopping, spending times with my family and friends, and getting nice presents. Some of the things that I hate are drunk heads and dickheads. To describe what kind of person I am in a sentence, I would just say this: I am a very typical Scorpio girl.

Now, I would let you know a bit about Cynder, on her behalf. We were classmates for two years in high school and she has been one of my best friends since day one (yes, you got me at hello!). She was so much into all things Japanese and loves to drop by my house in Indonesia just to rape my mangas. She is very artsy and does some sort of paper crafting (check out her other blog www.papercrafties.blogspot.com. Great stuff!). Besides studying accounting in Indonesia, Cynder spends her day running small-scale business with her friends in the university's entrepreneurs group and being lovey-dovey with her boyfriend.

As you can see, me and Cynder do not live close by at this moment. We were bbm-ing and talking about how we both love flat shoes, when suddenly we had the idea of setting up a community of flat shoes lovers XD. Hence, this LovelyFlats blog to share our enthusiasm with you! Just feel free to spam our blog with anything flat shoes (or any other kinds of shoes that you find interesting)-related!
That's it for the introduction, guys. Thanks for taking your time reading this and please leave comments or anything to make us happy :) Have a good day!